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 Caelest'Xaltan nar Borjar

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PostSubject: Caelest'Xaltan nar Borjar   Tue May 24, 2016 7:25 pm


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Name: Caelest'Xaltan nar Borjar
Race: Quarian
Sex: Female

Age: 28
Birth date: 2155

Psychological Profile: Caelest tends possess a neutral disposition towards most everyone and tries to not rely on others. Her sarcastic, clinical and snarky attitude might make her difficult to approach and could make her appear unsavory. However, for those who earn her trust, Caelest will make a reliable ally and friend. Like most quarians, Caelest is rather defensive of her people and fleet.

After finding and tailoring a medication for herself, she has learned to be self-reliant and at times finds it difficult to accept help and gifts from others. Due to her clumsy and frail body, Caelest avoids direct physical confrontations and instead prefers to use toxins, acids and incendiaries if the need to defend herself arises. As a side note, once you are on her bad side, she is unlikely to care for ethical treatment.

Physical Profile: Roughly 163 cm/5'4 ft tall and weighing 58.4 kg/128.7 lbs. She is smaller and slimmer in build than the average quarian due to her disease. She has deep green eyes and relatively long fingers. Her skin is also slightly paler than average quarian's.

Generally Likes:

- Chemistry
- Incendiary equipment
- Schadenfreude
- Friendly varren
- Control and order

Generally Dislikes:

- Depending on others
- Public gestures of affection and 'liberal' relationships
- Xenophiles obsessed with quarians
- Sloppy work
- Being idle for a long while


Background Details

Current Residence: N/A.

Birthplace: Migrant Fleet, civilian ship Borjar.

Family: Rayin'Xaltan vas Borjar nar Namir (father), Dechan'Xaltan vas Borjar nar Keshpa (mother).

Education: Attended Borjar's schooling program. Self-learned chemist.

Occupation: Freelance chemist, medic/doctor.

Sexuality: N/A.

Health: Caelest'Xaltan is in moderately good health but suffers from a genetic disease (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) which damages her motor neurons. She discovered a medication for herself which reverses the neural decay caused by the disease, allowing her to continue functioning relatively normally. The medication must be taken weekly to prevent the disease from relapsing.

Caelest's mental health is sound, although her personality could be described as stoic and distant. Caelest has good fortitude, though coupled with her personality this often leads to her being very nonchalant over things that do not directly concern her. Owing to her fortitude and personality Caelest processes stress quickly and is not prone to mental breakdowns. Her fascination with incendiary and explosive devices may require monitoring, however.


Existing Records

Pthorva Colony, Terminus Systems
-Permit for short term possession of chemicals.
-Permit for limited production of medicinal items and other chemicals.
-Blackmailed by local criminal organization.
-Suspected of criminally negligent manslaughter.

Duma Station, Terminus Systems
-Permit to purchase limited amounts of chemicals.

Nligim Colony, Terminus Systems
-Permit for short term possession of chemicals.
-Permit for limited production of medicinal items and other chemicals.

Kaspar City, Attican Traverse
-Permit for short term possession of chemicals.
-Permit for limited production of medicinal items and other chemicals.
-Arrested for suspected narcotic manufacture.
-Arrested for suspected larceny.

Minos Vos Colony, Attican Traverse
-Suspected affiliations with local criminal groups.
-Suspected of manufacturing narcotics and illegal stimulants.

Hampur Colony, Alliance Space
-Permit for short term possession of chemicals.
-Permit for limited production of medicinal items and other chemicals.
-Permit for limited distribution of medicinal items and legal stimulants.

Kerpal Station, Alliance Space
-Arrested for suspected distribution of illegal stimulants.

Primos Kun Colony, Attican Traverse
-Arrested for suspected assisted suicide.
-Arrested for suspected criminally negligent manslaughter.
-Suspected of manufacture of illegal narcotics.

Earth, Alliance Space
-Affiliation with a notorious criminal organization. No criminal activity demonstrated.
-Arrested for possession of dangerous chemicals.
-Arrested for possession of explosive devices.

Tivos Colony, Terminus Systems
-Permit for short term possession of chemicals.
-Permit for limited production of medicinal items and other chemicals.

Jolam Station, Terminus Systems
-Permit for purchasing limited amounts of chemical reagents.
-Permit for limited distribution of medicinal items and legal stimulants.

New Canton Colony, Terminus Systems
-Permit for purchasing limited amounts of chemical reagents.
-Permit for distributing limited amounts of medicinal items and legal stimulants.
-Enrolled as colony medical staff.
-Article: Quarian doctor saves engineer with emergency spinal surgery.

Chetere Station, Attican Traverse
-Hired as station medical staff.
-Permit for distributing limited amounts of pharmaceuticals and mild stimulants.

Lohi Colony, Attican Traverse
-Arrested for suspected possession of illegal narcotics and stimulants.
-Investigation inconclusive.



Caelest'Xaltan, daughter born to Rayin'Xaltan and Dechan'Xaltan in the relatively sizable ship of Borjar. The birth of Caelest was their joy and the daughter their pride, as to any parent their child would be. Although her parents had few credits, much like other quarians, they had enough money saved for the future of their child when she would eventually leave for her Pilgrimage. Caelest was quick to learn things that required thinking, but lacked in her motor skills, leaving her physically slightly behind other children. This naturally worried her parents, but nothing out of ordinary was found in her in examinations by the ship's medical personnel. She normally joined the public education with other children, finding herself comfortable with finding out how things work in the world although cared little for the mechanical and technical skills, partially thanks to her poor dexterity with handling tools and small parts, quarians are universally known for, instead opting to learn biology and chemistry, along with a bit of medical skills.
By the age of 14, she had became progressively more frustrated with her lacking motor skills, quite frequently stumbling or failing in things that required more dexterity. Other children she went to the education with begun to gradually view her as an idiot of some kind as she couldn't keep up with others' activities. Even if she was one of the brighter children intellectually, she was slightly avoided by other children due to her condition. The teachers liked Caelest, however, seeing a great potential within her. School gradually became more difficult for her due to her lack of dexterity and the lack of support from the majority of the other children.

At the age of 16, she began to require aid with moving and tasks that required any amount of dexterity. Even her speech became progressively, although slowly, more awkward, making her seem even more of an oddity. Her parents demanded another examination for her as her condition became more difficult, fearing for the well being of their child. Only a week prior the scheduled examination, the unexpected happened: one morning as she was going to get up for school again, she couldn't move. She could only stare at the ceiling of her living space and utter muffled sounds as she was trapped in her own body. Within half an hour Rayin came to see if she was still asleep, and for her shock, she found Caelest unable to move. She quickly called Dechan to the room where Caelest was and went to find the medical personnel of their ship. Caelest was carried to the medical bay with haste for the doctors to examine her. The fault was found relatively soon, more or less for their relief. She was diagnosed with a genetic syndrome, a disease that caused her neural system to degenerate over time, and would surely be fatal if left untreated. Fortunately the disease was a slow progressive one, leaving her at least a couple of years time more to live. It was not clear what had caused the sudden surge of the disease, but it was assumed her mental wellness played a large part in it. Unfortunately for Caelest and her parents, there was no cure for her condition; only medication that would make her more comfortable and slightly help her with the stiffness of her limbs and joints. After the brief treatment the doctors were able to give her, she regained most of her previous mobility and was able to return to school, but not without the aid of her either parent, as she had difficulties moving around and even completing some of the basic tasks. Many looked upon her with pity.

Fortunately Caelest had spent the last half of the decade studying biology, chemistry, biochemistry and physiology of her race. She had been trying to figure out what was wrong with her body, and these studies began to pay off now that she knew what was wrong with her body. The fault was pinpointed for her and she begun to feverishly try to come up with anything that would relieve her condition. Caelest spent several years assembling the pieces of her biological puzzle, knowing her borrowed time would be short and certainly not pleasant if nothing was done. Since her condition was rare, the doctors could not spend their valuable time and very scarce resources trying to find a cure or medication for her. On the verge of the third passing year, she made a breakthrough. She had found a chemical compound that halted the degeneration of her motor neurons and allowed her nervous system to heal. Exhilarated by the breakthrough she announced her great success to both her family and the ship's medical staff. Amazed by the development the doctors were eager to lend their supplies in order for her to produce several vials full of the newfound medicine and administer it to herself. Albeit the following weeks were painful for her, her nervous system gradually reverted from the withered state and regenerated almost completely. There was no doubt it was the greatest event of Caelest's life so far, managing to come very close to curing herself with an experimental compound. Her healing nervous system allowed her to do nearly anything the others could, although she still was clumsy at times. Encouraged by her achievement she begun to do as extensive research and study to improve the cure and make it safer as the limited supplies would allow. Even if the chemical wouldn't cure her condition completely, it would keep her nervous system in working condition.

Once Caelest turned 24 she was finally confident enough to leave for her Pilgrimage. After extensive preparing for the long journey she wistfully climbed into the shuttle in which she would leave the fleet behind. During her travel, she visited multiple space stations, aiding people with her notable skills in exchange for credits and other goods. During one of her stops she made a rather uplifting find; she met a traveling human merchant who sold her an acoustic guitar. Having always wanted to play some instrument, the exotic find greatly intrigued her. She soon found herself using most of her spare time learning to play the guitar, which not only lifted her spirits was also great practice for her dexterity. However, not everything was as rosy. At one point of her Pilgrimage, Caelest paid a fairly long visit to a colony called Pthorva, located fairly close to batarian space. During her stay she encountered a few members of the local criminal organization. Caelest had worked on the planet for a few months, and during that time, gained a bit of a reputation for herself. One of the more influential members of the organization approached her in less friendly way, "asking" her to make a cure for a disease he had encountered during one of their missions. Caelest was given no other option, despite her attempts to assure the batarian chief that she likely couldn't produce the medication he had tasked her with, not without proper research and development. The man did not listen to her, dismissing her "excuses" as nonsense. To ensure Caelest wouldn't try to squirm away from his task, he ordered a couple of his underlings to watch over her. After a week of rushed work she was able to produce the compound the batarian chief had requested from her and administer it to him. He offered nothing in return but "letting her keep her pale hide". Although it angered Caelest greatly, she was powerless in front of the gangsters.

Unfortunately for the mafioso, Caelest had been right. The hastily put together medicine proved to be fatally poisonous to him. He was found dead only a day after he took the experimental medicine. The people associated with the case quickly concluded what had happened and stormed Caelest's residence, thinking she had knowingly poisoned their boss. Fearing the possible side-effects of the rushed cure, she had prepared a defense against the grunts of the mafioso. Caelest had set up several booby traps which would release knockout gas once sprung. The gas inhaled by the surprised men after they barged in caused them to swiftly lose consciousness, giving the quarian a window to get away. The environmental suit protected her from the effects of the gas, allowing her to take the most important belongings of hers and swiftly leave the colony in whatever ship that was ready to leave as long as the destination was far away from there.



[Core Trait]
Acquired Trait

[Chemical Romance]
Caelest is adept at chemistry. There is very little she couldn't do, provided she had proper facilities and resources.

[Cure Thyself]
Caelest has a slightly more robust immune system than the average quarian due often experimenting on herself.

[Mixes and Matches]
Caelest has quite the fascination with things that explode or burn. Good thing it's a reasonable and healthy fascination, at least as far as she is concerned. Not so much for those she doesn't like in particular.

[Sulfur, Nitrogen, Argon, Kalium, Yttrium...]
Caelest maintains a neutral and practical disposition towards most everything. She also not the easiest person to upset and processes events quickly.
This may also mean she can be difficult to approach and coax out of her professional and/or snarky behaviour.

[Easy Does It]
Due to Caelest's genetic disease, she has poor mobility and occasionally suffers from lack of dexterity.
She avoids running and other stunts whenever possible. In close quarters fight, she might as well be a punching bag.
Heavier weapons, such as rifles and shotguns, are unsuitable for her.

[Liquid Suspension]
Due to her disease, Caelest requires regular doses of her medication.
Missing her weekly dose will cause a relapse in her disease.



5 Renegade - Paragon 3

« █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ | █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ »
Caelest is a loyal and compassionate ally at her best and a callous wildcard at her worst.
While Caelest is typically looking out for herself, and seeking to further her own goals,
empathy and acts of kindness aren't beyond her.


Faction Relations

Migrant Fleet
Unwavering Loyalty

« █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ | █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ »
Born a quarian, Caelest was raised to honor the values of the Fleet and the quarian people.
She knows her duty to the fleet and is willing to serve them to the bitter end, should it be required of her. Keelah'Selai.

Opportunistic Hostility

« █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ | █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ »
Knowing the history of the geth and quarians, it's no surprise that Caelest thinks little of the geth.
Caelest supports taking the home world back from the grasp of the geth.
She holds no qualms over destroying any of the renegade machines.
Any alliance or even truce seem like the ramblings of a madman at best.

Human Systems Alliance

« █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ | █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ »
Caelest's first contact with the Alliance was at the Hampur colony in Alliance controlled space.
In addition to that, she has visited several human stations, colonies and even Earth during her travels.
Beyond that, she has had little interaction overall with the Alliance, and remains indifferent to them.

Blue Suns Mercenaries
Cautious Indifference

« █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ | █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ █ »
Caelest knows as much about the mercenary company as the average person.
So far she has had only a few very brief run-ins with the mercenaries and lacks a strong opinion of them.



Modified Light Explorer III
A modified, high-quality suit intended typically for surveyors working in hazardous environments and hazmat teams. It can withstand environmental hazards exceptionally well. The suit has been fitted with a multitude of armor upgrades. Like with all quarian suits, it's rated for vacuum.
The suit comes with emergency seals by default along with a mouth port for simple and quick ingestion of liquids and nutrients. In addition to the mouth port the suit has another smaller port in the neck, which is used for safe delivery of injections without needing to remove the suit.
Armor: The armor comes by default with some light armor plates which can resist three direct hits before rupturing. A high-powered rifle will immediately pierce a plate.
Shielding: The default shield batteries are relatively weak and not meant for combat. The shields can take three hits from rifle-type weapons before collapsing.
  • Armor Plating III: Caelest's suit has been retrofitted with additional light armor plating, given her tendency to operate in less-than-safe areas of the galaxy. The plates can resist several hits from small arms before rupturing. The additional plates allow her armor to resist a rifle shot.
  • Shield Battery III: The suit has been retrofitted with an additional shield battery which will extend her shield life in event of a firefight. They allow her shields to take three more direct hits before collapsing.
  • Medical Interface IV: Medical interface installed into the suit both monitors her vitals and can dispense first aid in the event of an injury. It also provides immediate information in her helmet's HUD and can be used in conjunction with her omni-tool to perform medical scans.
  • Hazard Seals IV: Retrofitted additional hazard seals provide the user with a greater degree of protection from general environmental hazards and attacks, such as fire, cold and CBRN threats.

Modified Polaris III Omni-Tool
Caelest's omni-tool has been customized for personal preference and better security. While the omni-tool doesn't possess weapons, it has been modified to suit Caelest's specialization. In addition to the basic civilian features, it possesses a portable lab compartment for sample analysis, medical diagnostics and manufacture of very limited amounts of chemical compounds.

While Caelest's omni-tool has a sample analysis tool, it is unsuitable for taking organic samples such as blood or tissue samples. For that, and delivering chemical compounds such as pharmaseuticals, Caelest has a self-sterilizing hypo injector/sampler device.

ALS Medication
Caelest has a small metal case, the size of a cigar case, tucked away in a secure pocket. In the case she has eight syringes of her prized medication for her disease. A single, full case without refills would last her for two months, meaning she needs a dose per week. When facilities are available, the stocks can be constantly replenished.

Caelest tends to show her chit very little and talk even less about it. She keeps it secure in one of her many pockets.

Caelest's Dextro Stimpack [x3]
Caelest has made stimulant packs for use in combat situations. The stimpack eliminates the majority of acute pain, enhances reaction times and movement speed, provides an immunoboost and provides some regeneration and healing over time. However, given the chemical rush, stimpacks also reduce dexterity and mobility of the user slightly, and multiple stimpacks cannot be used in a short time span without accumulating severe adverse effects, including but not limited to: vertigo, nausea, loss of sensation, loss of coordination, toxicity, depersonalization, reduced spatial awareness and unconsciousness.

Hahne-Kedar Plasma Knife
A knife, coupled with a sheath, Caelest received as a gift during her travels. It belonged to a crippled veteran whose chronic pains Caelest helped to alleviate. The blade itself looks much like a high-grade combat knife, and functions in the same way until activated from the handle. When the knife is activated, a bright blue plasma will surround the blade, contained in a mass effect field. The plasma is potent enough to cut through most known metals and alloys (within reason), given enough time. Caelest has found it handy as a can opener. Both literally and figuratively.


Powers & Proficiencies

Chemistry & Biology
Caelest is demonstrably adept with handling chemical and biological agents with care. Estimated to possess knowledge of several hundred different compounds and their applications, some of which she knows by heart. Known to be able to create medicinal items, stimulants, narcotics, toxins, incendiaries, lethal and non-lethal chemical weapons and other miscellaneous items. Possesses vast knowledge base of the anatomy and physiology of other species, which could be used for better or ill.

Caelest picked up medicine at New Canton colony due to poor employment situation. Owing to the close relation to her primary occupation and interest, she quickly picked up the trade and performed increasingly challenging tasks. She gained plenty of experience in a short time span as her skills were constantly in high demand and learned a lot about the physiology and anatomy of different species.

Caelest's skill at electronics is a far cry from the stereotypical quarian's engineering prowess. She only recently learned how to bypass simple systems with a crude burnout method, which leaves the circuits inoperable after they have been forced to operate. Handy in a pinch if she needs to get through a door, but useless against more advanced and protected circuits.

Arms Proficiency: Incendiary, Chemical and Biological Weapons
If it explodes, sets things on fire, poisons people or does all of the aforementioned at once, Caelest knows how to make it, handle it and use it to great effect. Her preferred weapons are home cooked explosive and incendiary devices, potent gases and lethal toxins, which she'd rather use from a relatively safe distance, instead of being in the thick of it.

Arms Proficiency: Small Arms
Caelest's time in Terminus Space has taught her several lessons about needing to protect herself. The compact and light nature of light pistols, machine pistols and sub-machine guns them an excellent fit for the smaller and weaker quarian. She can handle most pistols and sub-machine guns with adequate ease and proficiency, save for heavier variants.

Armor Proficiency: Basic Armor
Like most quarians, Caelest has worn a protective suit from childhood and will wear it till the day she dies. This dependency naturally leads to learning the ins and outs of her armor and trying to make the best use of it. Although she is not an engineer, she can still perform a few tricks with her shields to give her some extra survivability in case she ends up in a bad situation. Caelest's relatively weak stature prevents her from using heavier armor, however.


Basic Armor
« █ █ █ █ █ »
[1] Emergency Shield Boost - Allows Caelest to use a backup shield battery to restore her shields by 50% once per day, regardless of their state. Requires grade I+ omni-tool.
[2] Suit Hardening - Optimizations to Caelest's envirosuit's software improve its defenses against tech and biotic attacks, dampening their effect slightly.
[3] Hardened Shield - Allows Caelest to reroute all her suit's non-critical power to boost her shields, deflecting small arms fire, resisting long arms fire and absorbing biotic and tech attacks for a short while. Disables all utility systems and omni-tool when in use. Usable once per day. Requires grade III+ omni-tool.
[4] Power Optimization - Grants an additional charge to both Emergency Shield Boost and Hardened Shield per day.
[5] Shield Overclocking - Emergency Shield Boost now restores shields to full, regardless of their state. Hardened Shield is now impervious to small arms fire, can deflect long arms fire and can absorb a heavy weapon* shot before collapsing. Requires rank V+ omni-tool. (* = Within reason. Not a damn Cain shot.)

Small Arms
« █ █ █ █ █ »
[1] Pew Pew - Allows Caelest to (more or less) effectively use small arms.
[2] Improved Ammo - Applying her experience with small arms and her expertise in chemistry, Caelest can now produce improved ammunition in small scale. Allows Caelest to create Incendiary, Corrosive and Toxic ammunition blocks.
[3] Protective Coating - In hindsight, home cooked special ammunition was likely to cause problems with the gun. Protective coating prevents excessive wear on Caelest's guns when using special ammo types. Also slightly improves heat dissipation, leading to less downtime in intense firefights.
[4] Advanced Ammo - Further improvements to her special ammo formulas produce even more spectacular and devastating results while breaking around a dozen Citadel Space regulations and treaties. Allows Caelest to create Inferno, Polonium and Explosive ammunition blocks in very small scale.
[5] Gunslinger - Caelest's experience with small arms allows her to effectively use two handguns at once, albeit with reduced accuracy.

« █ █ █ █ █ »
[1] That's The Stuff - Allows Caelest to make home cooked stimpacks, in both dextro and levo flavors. The stimulant cocktail numbs most of acute pain, improves healing and coagulation and grants the user heightened perception for a short while. Also reduces fatigue and makes the user a bit high-strung. Overuse leads to adverse effects.
[2] Neural Shock - Applied knowledge of different species' anatomy and physiology allows Caelest to use her omni-tool to generate a potent short-range shock to stun organic targets of average size and constitution. Hardening reduces the effect. Requires grade III+ omni-tool.
[3] Improved Stimpack - Improvements to the stimpack formula provide a more potent boost in analgesic, healing and heightened perception effects, but overuse has more severe adverse effects.
[4] Piercing Shock - Caelest's Neural Shock can now affect bigger and badder targets. In addition, the shock ignores light and medium armor, but the greater power requirement disables her omni-tool for a short while after use. Requires grade V+ omni-tool.
[5] Advanced Stimpack - Further improvements to the stimpack formula make for a particularly potent drug. In addition to its other further exaggerated effects, the stimpack greatly speeds up the user's perception of time, reaction time and overall speed. Also induces tunnel vision and feeling of disconnection which may lead to unpredictable or extreme behavior. Overuse can have severe and permanent adverse effects.


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PostSubject: Re: Caelest'Xaltan nar Borjar   Tue May 24, 2016 9:08 pm

Im not going to lie and say that Ive read all of this. But from thoroughly looking through it I haven't seen anything that would pull me away for accepting this. Unless I missed the whole part about you being a reaper doomsday device. This is a stellar fucking application.


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PostSubject: Re: Caelest'Xaltan nar Borjar   Tue May 24, 2016 9:08 pm

I'm glad the three and a half hours of work did not go unappreciated!
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CptMarkka wrote:
I'm glad the three and a half hours of work did not go unappreciated!
Three and a half hours of work he says! Pffft, you were putting in way more than that iirc XD
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Aye, welcome aboard of the dead ship.
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Caelest'Xaltan nar Borjar
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