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 AlphaZER0's Player Application- Axian Praetis

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PostSubject: AlphaZER0's Player Application- Axian Praetis   Mon May 23, 2016 12:15 am

Steam Name: AlphaZER0
RP Experience: 14 years
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Commander Shephard's mother, Hannah Shepard, served as XO aboard the SSV Kilimanjaro and has enjoyed an extensive career in the Systems Alliance Navy.

Axian Praetis


Character Name: Axian Praetis
Monikers: Axe
Race: Turian
Age: 43
Birth Year: 2140
Homeworld: Palaven

Skin Color: Metallic Black.
Markings: White.
Eye Color: Green.

Affiliations: Freelance Bodyguard; Currently under contract.
Commission and Duties: Protection of the principal is paramount. Under no circumstances is the principal to: come to harm, be assimilated/captured by hostile forces, be unattended unless confined to personal quarters. Contract stipulates that the principal must be tended to within reason. Any violation of these terms and conditions nullifies the contract and payment will be voided. Expenses incurred during contract will become the sole responsibility of the contractor and reimbursement will not be authorized.

What can your character do for our ship?: Absolutely nothing. He's simply along for the ride, providing passive roleplay more often than not and combat when drawn into it.

Character Equipment: M-9 Tempest Submachine gun.
Clothing: Ariake Technologies Medium Mercenary Armor.
Clothing Examples:

Personality Type: ISTJ
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral

  • Militaristic. Placing tactics, organization and discipline above all else, Axian stays true to Turian ideals. Despite hardships, he remains headstrong and pushes on toward his goal despite the odds.
  • Gun Nut. Well trained, well versed in a wide array firearms and their functions. Readily able to repair most firearm malfunctions.
  • Observant. Keen eyes, safe lives. Always watchful, Axian makes precise estimates based upon his observations in real time and applies them to tactical situations before they occur.
  • Honest. If it's coming from Axian's mouth, take it for truth. Lying is disgraceful and dishonorable, not even to justify the means.
  • Perfectionist. Quality above all else. If you can't do it correctly, don't do it at all.


  • Loyalty. His militaristic nature leaves him at a slight fault; when in close proximity to a specific group of individuals, especially fellow Turians, he forms tight bonds that leave him open to hurt and betrayal.
  • Insensitive. Sensitivity is nonexistent; the truth first and foremost is commonplace. He says what he means without filters, often leaving those around him unhappy with the brutality of his honest nature. Axian possesses little empathy.
  • By the Book. Rules cannot be bent or broken, no matter what the circumstances. Forged in his ways, Axian will push for his way of doing things despite feverish opposition.
  • Perfectionist. Constant need for greatness alienates him from those who don't keep the same mindset.

Character Backstory

Axian's knowledge of the world is simply that of service. Like all Turian, his enlistment in the military was solidified at the age of eighteen. Performing admirably throughout boot camp, his career with the armed forces had begun just as Relay 314 Incident was becoming news. The sudden and unspeakable atrocities committed by the humans, as was the extent of his knowledge, became a seething hatred for their race in it's entirety. Hearing of their disregard for Council Law as well as their military prowess (as per the destruction of the Turian vessels at Shaxi), Axian and his brothers in arms made it a point to drill incessantly in preparation for war. Attached to a combined arms company, his specialization of rifleman ensured him front line service in an inter-planetary war against the humans. The preparation was for naught however, as the Citadel Council stepped in and put an end to the prospect of avenging the fallen at Shaxi. Regardless of the Council's ruling, and sharing the same opinion as much of the Turian race, his hatred for humanity lingered and has held true for decades even despite their advancements and assistance as of late. Regardless, he keeps it in check and does not allow it to interfere with his career, and eventually, his business.

Continuing his service, Axian would continue to devote his life to the military and aspire to Turian special operations forces. Achieving his goal, the quest for perfection was endless. Drilling in what time he wasn't tied up in his duties, he honed his craft as best he could while waiting for something more. Deploying in several skirmishes, he garnered what little combat experience there was to be had in a time of peace. Colonial uprisings were pacified, pirate bands dismembered, smugglers hideouts were infiltrated and scuttled. As fate would have it, all he'd worked for would be torn asunder by a simple, avoidable mistake. His training, while worthwhile and very much necessary for his career, would be his downfall. Deployed under the guise of a peacekeeping force on the surface of Taetrus, Axian and his squad would be tasked with uncovering terrorist plots said to be coming to fruition within the city centers. Weeks progressed, and their intelligence gathering did not. Understandable frustrated, the unit attempted more aggressive tactics to draw out their prey. Wandering the streets in full battle gear, they'd set themselves up as an easy target with the intention of drawing out any would be attackers. It worked.

The cell attacked Axian's force, which at the time appeared lightly armed, and paid dearly for it. Two of the five fell within seconds of contact, taken out by pre-positioned snipers. Realizing the error of their plan, the cell fell back to their stronghold with the intent of suppressing the special forces team with deployed drones so that they may escape. The plan may have worked out for them had it not been for a logistics drone hovering high above, monitoring their movements as they entered a single story home within the city. The team surrounded the home, Axian taking point on the breach and waiting for the command to do so. When it came, there was no hesitation from either side. The door disintegrated into alloy splinters from the force of a breaching charge, rifle fire poured out the fresh opening in the home in an attempt to keep Axian and his men out. Axian primed a grenade and threw it into the confines of the house. It had the desired effect of ending the staccato of rifle reports, but there would be a price to pay. The home belong to a Turian family; a father, mother, and two young girls, ages three and six. If Axian had kept to his training and not acted on impulse, he'd of heard the reports of the team specifying that there were noncombatants inside the home being used as shields. The grenade was already out by the time this information was relayed, a mere two seconds too later. There was one survivor; one of the terrorist fanatics. He lost only a leg. Everyone else, their lives, and Axian his career.

Not a month later, discharge. The media painted him as a willing killer, trigger happy gunman. This was unacceptable, and he was made an example of before the entire Turian military. Stripped of his honors, awards, service record, he was left a shell of his former self. A lesson learned, a humiliation before his family and anybody he'd ever known. Turning to seclusion, he'd continue to refine his skills whilst avoiding public integration. In the end, he'd find a use for his skill set at the hands of private security firms and contracting agencies. No job was too big or small; what came his way, he took. This is where he finds himself today; serving, as he was trained to do, and providing protection for those who need it.
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PostSubject: Re: AlphaZER0's Player Application- Axian Praetis   Mon May 23, 2016 2:51 am

Welcome aboard.

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AlphaZER0's Player Application- Axian Praetis
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