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 Braytons App

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PostSubject: Braytons App   Wed May 11, 2016 5:11 am

Steam Name: 1stSgt Brayton(Usually just some form of Brayton)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:18914747
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197998095223
RP Experience: I started doing this shit when I was in highschool, I'm now outta college. I've run servers, I've been an owner once, head admin. I know my shit, I think.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: The reason they switched to thermal clips was so they could fire larger slugs at robots. Because fuck those Flashlight Terminators.
Character Name: William Karl Brayton
Age: 24
What can your character do for our ship? Smartass. Negotiator. Get away driver.
Character Equipment:

  • One good suit; normal crimped up suit with minor shield generators along the back to prevent surprise attacks from instantly killing him.
  • One work suit; same as above without all the fanciness to blend in with more work like conditions.
  • One wetwork suit; A good suit with an Aegis Vest underneath to provide better protection as well as shields.
  • One modified Carnifax, the grip has been replaced with a comfort grip and the slide has been modified to move more easily.

Moral Alignment: "Look. Killing people is messy. I'll do it but I'd rather not? I don't want that whole 'youse shot my daddy' revenge shit. Or mommy..Asari right."

  • Long Distance Calling; Brayton is friendly to everyone, even people he plans to kill. Connections are important and he's known to be reliable even on the opposite side of the galaxy.
  • Who the **** are You; He's used to being blacklisted or even requiring fake IDs to get into certain locations. Making fake IDs became a necessity and he's become quite skilled in it.
  • Roller Mobster; Brayton's experience in previous jobs, negotiations and heist also usually left him driving land based vehicles a lot. While he's not skilled at flying cars anymore, he can definitely drive lighter exploratory vehicles with ease.


  • Holy Diver; Brayton may participate in illegal trades and deal with criminals but he refuses to kill people who do not have it coming. He's a goodhearted man in a business that chews through them.
  • I'd Do anything for Cash(But I won't do that); Self Explanatory. There are a lot of thing he'll do. The things he won't he'll refuse to do.
  • Dream Machine; he comes up with vast grandiose plans and ideas, but rarely do they pan out or even exist within the realm of actually getting done. Invading an ambassador's home with a self propelled cake that has a fake turian strippers in it? Sounds awesome. Not plausible.

Character Backstory:
There's a flicker of light, someone was lighting something on fire. It took a few sparks and then and smoke slowly started to climb up from a cigarette. It was dark out, the only source of illumination came from the embers of the cig. He puffed on it and waited for five minutes. The one cigarette he smoked a day was nearly complete before he checked the watch on his wrist.

"Where the fuck is Tony?" he growled out to himself, looking past the dumpster. A flurry of movement followed as a very dopey looking young man in work clothes with a black plastic looking chest piece on his chest, no more than 17 came crashing through the alleyway while sirens, yelling and drones were giving off detection noises in the background. The kid was grabbed and pulled back behind behind the dumpster, there noise quiets down for a moment as several police aircars revved by and police officers in full gear ran past the alleyway.

The man checks the alleyway before looking at Tony, kindly and with a smile he puffed again and let the smoke leak out of his nose like a wizened dragon. "Did ya get it?" was what the wizened dragon man said. Tony gave an enthusiastic nod and revealed the datapad in hand, handing it over to the man, "I did Karl. I was able to get it; but your plan didn't work."

Karl ruffled the kids jet black hair and chuckled before putting the cigarette out on the wall and holding it hand, "My plans always work, you just need to learn." With datapad secured away underneath the Aegis vest that he hid underneath his well tailored suit, Karl and Tony made their way out of the alleyway and into the bustling street of Center City Philadelphia. The sounds of sirens could still be heard and they were making another sweep toward their direction. Karl immediately crossed the street, cutting off a few old school taxi cabs that ran on electric engines and went straight into the next alleyway. From there, the duo went through every alleyway, shortcut and empty part of property that used to house a building.

After a solid an hour and a a half of movement, the duo came upon old 69th Street Station. It was there underneath a road bridge that a man in very immaculate clothing was waiting. A cigar in mouth and two Blue Son mercenaries so inconspicuous that a passerby would only mistake them for maybe not being Turian. The man in question was a local gang boss, a man that Karl owed a favor too. Tony was actually just one of the kids from his street when he was younger.

The shit eating grin on the boss' face could be seen shining from across the street, once the pair came into range the man held out his hands, "Oh good! My cousin. Karl its so good to see you. Cmon, lets you get back to my home. You can bring your boyfriend with you." Tony made a look of disgust but Karl just flashed a massive smile and responded in kind giving the boss a hug and also performing the trade off there with some slight of hand, "Of course Uncle Nikolai. Its always good to see you. I can't wait to relax and sit back your luxurious apartment." The two of them exchanged glances, a battle of how much were the insults going to hit home. What felt like 5 minutes only lasted about 1 second before Nikolai smiled, "Yes yes. Its such a nice apartment."

The apartment turned out to be a bought part of the old trolley yards. A warehouse specifically. With the exchange made the deal was done. "Now, Karl. You owed me a big favor; I've already verified my court documents are on here. I'm guessing the virus worked?" Nikolai spoke, his thick Ukrainian accent barely stopping his clear pronunciation of the English language.

"Worked like a charm. Tony was in and out with my IDs before the cops understood what was going on." Karl slowly patted down his suit, making sure it was nice and crisp.

"Good. Now I just have to tie up some loose ends." Nikolai lifted up his omni-tool and typed on it before grinning, a few images of executed families, and children appeared. Tony looked them with an aghast look, Karl just winced and shook his head. Nikolai spoke up again, "As reliable as ever Karl. The money has already been wired to both of your accounts." And with that Nikolai and his guards left without a word.

There was a silence as the lights started to flicker off. Karl tossed away the loose cig butt he had before digging out another one. He slowly turned to Tony, only to see tears going down his face, a look of dismay was all ove Tony's face. He had realized what he had done. Karl offered the cigarette, "Here. It'll kill ya faster but..it does take a bit of the edge off." Tony accepted and then Karl lit the cig up for him. After a few puffs, Tony began to hack and cough, wincing and crying more from not only the pain of his throat but the continued moral panic sweeping over him.

Karl frowned and patted Tony on the shoulder, "Send the money to your parents. They won't go near them." As Karl began to turn, Tony turned back around, "How can you sleep at night?" Karl shrugged, "With plenty of alcohol." With that Karl walked out, his last debt repaid from 4 years ago and having now damaged a young man forever. He stood outside, smelling the fresh industrial scented air before calmly stating, "Maybe I should move into smuggling."

(First draft yay)
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PostSubject: Re: Braytons App   Wed May 11, 2016 9:02 pm

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Braytons App
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