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 Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis)

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Emperor Nafaryus

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Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis) Empty
PostSubject: Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis)   Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis) EmptyWed May 18, 2016 9:58 pm

Steam Name: Emperor Nafaryus

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:47559644

Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198055385017/

Rp Experience: Five Plus years, First three were entirely in French but i've switched to English Roleplay Recently.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: Drell Are Hyper Religious and fallow three gods named,  Amonkira, Arashu and Kalahira.

Character Name: Gallus Reiteratis

Age: Fifty Eight Earth Years

What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Smuggler and Weapons Expert An overall Jack of All Trades who has skills in many different jobs.

Character Equipment: Vindicator Assault Rifle, M-5 Phalanx, Unarmored yet very Agile.

Moral Alignment: Lawful Good

Strengths: Gallus' Strengths are being very Knowledgeable, Quick thinking and Agile. His High Risk Combat Style is seen as Reckless to some and Flashy to Others.  

Weaknesses: His Lack of Social Contact with Other Races can cause him to be a bit weary of most races Other then the Hanar, His lack of Trust could cause his choices to be slightly clouded.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):Gallus Reiteratis was born on the Hanar Planet of Khaje, He was raised by two hyper Religious Drell Parents. His Father Gallus Senior Was a Holy Priest for the holy temple of Amonkira he was the head of one of the many Holy Temples on Khaje. His Mother was a Priestess in another gods temple. The Temple of Arashu. The two met on a Religious Gathering and fell for eachother. They Believed that the Head of the Temple of Amonkira were to breed with a Priestess of the temple of Arashu they would have a strong seed. The connection of the Hunter and Motherhood  brought the Idea of Gallus' Inevitable Infancy. Gallus was Raised as a Holy man by his fathers warding. He learned the Ways of All the Gods and took a deep connection with it. He would pray and be Diligent in all tasks, His fathers fame allowed for Gallus' Early life to be quite rewarding. He was praised and Accepted among his people earning the Respect of all his Kinsmen. He would continue to take up the life of a Priest Destined to become the head of the temple his father was apart of.  
         Once Gallus was Eighteen years of age he was brought on a Expedition to the Dead Drell Homeworld, His Mother and Father Accompanied him on the trip and were Combat ready. Gallus himself was quite nervous and on edge. His Parents always told him that he should not fear death and should embrace it when the time has come, he used the Wisdom his parents gave him to remain morally strong in the face of fear. His Diligence and Bravery is what saved his life that Expedition though caused a life changing event that would flip his world around.

         They Established an Outpost, the outpost was mildly defended and had a lack of trained men guarding it. The Drell Expeditionary's were very unprepared for a Raider attack. The Outpost was left alone for several days giving the Expeditionary's a few months of breathing room. Gallus would spend most of his time training with his Combat Instructor. The instructor was a large Drell man who was hard strung and serious, what was the most odd was the fact that he was a cynic. This was Curious to Gallus' He's never met a man who does not believe the word of his god. The Drell man Addressed himself as Simma Extar. A former  Warrent Officer In a Small Drell Military Company. He was in charge of the combat training and basic medical training for the entire Expedition. His position in the Expedition was next to the Overseers, Gallus understood that the man may be a bit taboo but his knowledge would for sure keep Gallus alive in the event of an Attack. During the first week of arrival Gallus Volunteers for the Combat training. His Teacher was abusive and harsh, but much like Gallus he understood that hard work pays off. Gallus would pay extra attention to his teachers lectures and would accomplish the basic training program during the first month of arrival.

         Around the fourth month of the Expedition Gallus was approached by Simma and was honored and praised for his training. Gallus would reluctantly ask the Warrent Officer a personal request that he would train him to become a Combat Expert like his Teacher before. Simma did not agree immediately but after some thought he took Gallus under his wing. The two would do roughly five straight months of training. Gallus Young and Diligent attitude made his progress exceptional. His Teacher expected that he would pass for an Soldier easily. His ability was soon put to the test, a large Raider group came looming on the Horizon at dawn. The Horns blasted alerting all the combat ready Drell to go to their position, the Raider group was at least a ten to one ratio. The Overseer ordered that the men stayed in their positions and not to retreat. His words were "All of us may be visiting the Realm of the Gods this day. Stand your ground and prove to Amonkira that you are warriors!" The Drell Cheered and readied for the battle at hand.

        Once the Raider army was closer the Drell Gaurds were visibly Afraid. Gallus saw the faces of his Friends and Family, knowing that this could be the last day of his short life. He would sprint to his Teacher Simma, he would ask "Sir I need a weapon sir!." Simma looked at him and handed him a Vindicator Assault Rifle and a M3 Pistol. Gallus would begin to run towards the frontline before being stopped by his Teacher. "Come with me, we are going to stand back. You and I both do not want to die today. Damn be if your god wishes it. But we will make it harder for her to take us." Gallus would be shaken by the curses the man spoke. He would nervously shake his head. "What are we going to do Sir?" Simma would point towards the shuttle that was on the far end of the Outpost. "We fall back after we lose our ground. We get as many on board as we can. If they are wounded leave them." Gallus' eyes would widen. "If we retreat they will exile us." Simma would duck at a blast that would stream past his head. At this point the battle had begun. The Screams of the Raiders are heard and the blasts of the rifles from both sides were heard. The small amount of fear that shot through Gallus was paralyzing. Simma would pull on him and scream "We got to go now!" Then Gallus would sit up turning his head towards the battle. Roughly fifteen Drell men were killed.

              The Raiders are gaining ground, Gallus knew once they hit the frontline that they would be overcome. He would raise his rifle and begin to fire towards the Raiders. Several shots would make contact with the raiders. Some killing them and some injuring them. His shots were sloppy and inaccurate, The Warrent Officer saw the nervousness in Gallus' Body Language and pulled him back. The Officer would yell over the radio "All those who wish to live fall back to the transport. If we are traitors so be it! We will not survive." Many Drell would begin to fallback from the front line, while some remained. Two Drell Females approached Simma calling him a "Craven" and cursing him. Gallus was disappointed and saw that Simma had a slight look on his that was clearly displeasing. Gallus would wait by the ship before looking about, he would see that towards the frontline his father and mother were still fighting, he would look to Simma and say "My parents are down their, we need to help them!" Simma would look to him and say "Alright kid, i'll come with you. Lets go quick." The two would run to cover to cover, avoiding shots. The Raiders were no less then three hundred meters away. Gallus would slide over to his parents side saying "We have to leave now father, they outnumber us. We will not survive!" Gallus' father would shake his head and say "We cannot leave..If we must die for the gods..Then it is their will." Gallus would look at his mother, she would lower her head down and say "You can go." Before firing back at the men. Before Gallus knew it he was face to face with a Vorcha Raider. His weapon was raised and ready to fire. But before his chance came. Simma would fire his Pistol at the Vorcha killing him. Gallus' father would wave them back and fire towards the men. Gallus was out of sight of his parents and never saw them again.

               The two would arrive at the transport, "Only a few more yards!" Simma would yell. While running up the Ramp into the ship a Stray rifle round would enter through the back of Simma Disabling him and causing him to be Paralyzed, He would scream towards Gallus "Get on the ship or you'll never make! Don't worry about me! Fly Gallus Fly!" Gallus would run towards him attempting to pull him onto the ramp before a volly of rounds would come inches to his face. He would recoil back and pant. He would bite his lip and crawl to the top of the ramp, watching as is closed and never seeing his teacher again. The transport would begin to takeoff, it would of been hit by many shots but was sustain itself and would fly off world with ease.  Most the living Drell were in extreme panic, Most of them asking questions like "What will happen to us when we return home?" And "Will they kill us." Gallus would try his best to ignore the comment and would move himself towards the cockpit of the ship asking if he would take a seat. The Captain would agree and Gallus would rest here untill their arrival to Kahje. Once they had arrived the group of Drell were summoned into a council meeting. The Final verdict was that all the deserters that were of adult age were to be exiled. While the young-lings were taken as student priest. This left Gallus with nothing. Only the weapons his teacher gave him and the skills he had gained. He would spend roughly forty years of his life doing mercenary work. Mostly smuggling but he has had seen his fair share of conflict in his time. Gallus would be offered a good paying job on board the cargo ship Geisha, He would sign a contract with Shogun that bounds him to service until he was released by him a deal that Gallus did not favor but had to agree. This is how he arrived with the crew he knows now. What might his future bring? Will he live long? Or perhaps have the same fate as his relatives and Teacher.
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Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis)   Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis) EmptyThu May 19, 2016 2:59 pm

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Emperor Nafaryus's App, Drell (Gallus Reiteratis)
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