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 HereticsEnd dumb app

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PostSubject: HereticsEnd dumb app   Wed May 11, 2016 1:54 am

Steam Name: HereticsEnd
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:38035471
Steam Profile Link: LINK
Rp Experience: Plentiful amount of different schemas. 5 years of RP experience.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: The same voice actor for Commander Shepard also played as the voice actor for the Vorcha.

Character Name: Damian Cross (Born Kreg Luther)
Age: 27
What can your character do for our ship? (Muscle, Maintenance, Triggerman, Comedic Act, etc.): Weapons Modification Specialist, Badass Piano Player.
Character Equipment:

  • Mattock w/ Custom Black Paintjob (Mk. IV Thermal Scope, Mk. III High Velocity Barrel)
  • Paladin Heavy Pistol (Mk. III Magazine Upgrade, Mk. IV Heavy Barrel)
  • Custom Modified Cerberus Engineer Armor (Self Designated as WARDEN Armor)

Moral Alignment: Lawful Evil


  • Tactical. Able to assess a situation and the possible outcomes of each choice before they're made.
  • Honest. Although sometimes, a bit too honest.
  • Compassion... for his work. He takes his job seriously.


  • Damian is short-sighted, impatient, and prejudiced.
  • Known to have Immoral Behavior
  • Greedy. If the price is right, he's willing to do anything.

Character Backstory a.ka. how or why are you here (One paragraph minimum, be creative!):

Kreg Agustus Luther was born and raised in the heart of Houston Texas on January 15th, 2154. Both of his parents were wealthy land owners who had emigrated from Dublin, Ireland to the United Northern American States in the late 40s, around the same time the Charon Mass Relay was discovered. Living a rather comforting life for most of his early years, Kreg was able to get an exceptional education due to the financial status of his family. As much as his parents wished for him to become a business major, Kreg aspired for something more. As soon as he was able, Kreg enlisted into the Alliance Marines on his eighteenth birthday. Kreg's   time on the ranch taught him a great deal many things, but above all, he learned how to fire and take care of a high-powered rifle with lessons from his father.

After having served two years active duty with the Alliance Marines, Kreg applied to become a Marine Scout Sniper. The Scout Sniper was a deadly tool on the battlefield, highly skilled in fieldcraft and marksmanship, and one whom can deliver death to the enemy's doorstep from extreme ranges with expert precision. As challenging as the Scout Sniper Basic Course was, Kreg was able to pass through the gauntlet of tests by the sliver of his hair. This became a major milestone for Kreg, having passed one of the hardest tests in the Marine Corps. Just one year after having passed sniper school and having been involved with an estimated twelve combat missions, the human-colony of Elysium is attacked by Batarian-funded pirates. Kreg, now serving with the 5th Recon Battalion, and a multitude of other Marine divisions are called upon to fight back against the invasion. 5th Recon's priority was to harass and neutralize key figureheads of the pirate invasion before the full force came down from the Alliance vessels above. With the overwhelming support from the Alliance reinforcements to the defenders of Elysium, the pirate invaders were forced into a full retreat.

After the victory on Elysium, Kreg volunteered himself with the rebuilding of the war-torn cities during what would become known as the Skyllian Blitz. He assisted the people of Elysium for a number of months, giving up his vacation leave that he had accumulated from the years past along with the time he could've spent on shore leave. Kreg was eventually called back into service, having been transferred over to the One Hundred and Third Marine Division, Earth's larges collection of Special Forces soldiers, along with having been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Two years after the Skyllian Blitz, the 103rd would be called into action to assist with the elimination of key pirate bases and high value targets on the moon Torfan. The resulting operation utterly decimates the pirate activity on that moon, resulting in a complete victory for the Alliance.

A number of reports from Luther's Commanding Officers noted that his methods of dealing with the inhabitants of Torfan were somewhat brutal, if not merciless and sadistic. Psychologically, it is unknown as to what had happened to him between the time of him assisting Elysium and its rebuilding and the assault on Torfan. His friends and fellow officers speculate that it's due to many of the sights he had to go through with the aftermath of the Skyllian Blitz. It wasn't until the assault on Torfan that his new demeanor came to light. Due to his unprofessional behavior, Second Lieutenant Luther was reassigned to the 10th Frontier Division and demoted to the rank of Operations Chief. A full psychological evaluation was performed on Luther, but no signs of PTSD or other malignant psychological disorders were found.

During the length of Luther's assignment on the moon of Nepmos, a number of sightings of Eclipse mercenaries were noted in the area. Casual contact was made every now and then, but weapons fire from Eclipse positions aimed towards the Alliance personnel were also abundant, possibly to keep the unit on their toes. Such was life on a remote listening post. Following his tour, Luther made contact with a rather ravishing Asari on Omega. Speculative at first, Luther eventually took a liking to her. Casual contact at the bar turned to dates. Dates turned to overnight stays at each other's apartments. Overnight stays turned to a serious relationship. Luther was listed as AWOL at the beginning of his second tour on Nepmos and was dishonorably discharged from the Alliance Marines.

Unbeknownst to Luther, his new lover, Nirellya Ka'iani, belonged to a group of Eclipse Mercenaries operating out of Mars. This band of mercs in particular was funded by the Yoshida Syndicate. Instead of working for Eclipse, Luther took a liking for the Syndicate. With an outlook, military background and ruthless manner of getting shit done like his, it was exactly what they needed. It began with the occasional odd job. Pick up the package at point A and bring it to point B. Take this gun and take out this trouble maker. Even for odd jobs, the pay was amazing. The Syndicate took notice of his efficiency and recruited him into the ranks of loyal soldiers and gunners. After two years of faithful service to the Yoshida Syndicate, he was made an Enforcer. It was his duty to ensure that certain tenants and small time gangs followed the Syndicate's will and payed when they were supposed to. Now known to be a reputable gang member of a shady syndicate, Kreg couldn't keep his old name in fear of having the Alliance track him down. With that, he had his name changed to Damian Cross.

The Syndicate made Cross aware of one of the ships they use to move supplies from one place to another. The Geisha. Hesitant to accept the offer at first, he couldn't turn down the surplus of credits he'd be making. Against his own will, he accepted the contract.
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PostSubject: Re: HereticsEnd dumb app   Wed May 11, 2016 2:24 am

This, is a model application.

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HereticsEnd dumb app
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