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 Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy)

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Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy) Empty
PostSubject: Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy)   Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy) EmptyMon May 16, 2016 11:53 pm

Steam Name: Crystallized0Rose (presently Progenitor of the Frog People)
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:41069464
Steam Profile Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/crystallized0rose
Rp Experience: Ten years, mainly on forums and through IMing programs but I've spent about a year-and-a-half on Gmod RP.
Tell me a cool Mass Effect Fact: The gravity on the elcor's homeworld is 4G, four times as much as Earth.


Character Name Kasxcy

Species Elcor

Gender Female

Age 24 galactic standard years

What can your character do for our ship? Kasxcy likes guns. A lot. Maintaining, modding, using. She brings with her two massive miniguns and a railgun which can be mounted to her back.

Character Equipment
Elkoss Heavy Juggernaut-IV Armor
Devlon Dual Sasha-V Miniguns
Jormangund Sabre-V Railgun

Moral Alignment
Chaotic Neutral/Evil
Paragon |||||||||| |||||||||| Renegade

Adventurous - Well, she’s adventurous for an elcor. Kasxcy loves seeing new places and learning new ways to shoot things, and she’s never seen her physical stature as a disadvantage but as a fun challenge.

Dedicated - Whether it be a friendship or a job, Kasxcy seldom rests until something is seen through to the end.

Patient - Being an elcor, Kasxcy is used to moving slowly. She can outwait most people she’s thrown against and is as stubborn about it as she is slow.

Stolid - Again, being an elcor, naturally she’s very calm and composed. And has difficulty showing emotion. At all. Damn elcor…

Slow - Kasxcy cannot escape her physical inequities. She is, as all elcor are, physically slow. Don’t mistake her physical speed for her mental speed.

Apathetic - Kasxcy does not care about you unless you are rich or her friend. And she does not have many friends.

Character Backstory
The early part of Kasxcy's life was not particularly exciting. Born and raised on Dekunna, her childhood was fairly normal, although it's completely unfair to call Kasxcy the same. She was rambunctious as a young elcor can be. She became defiant and constantly questioned authority figures once she figured out she had been adopted and her parents had been lying to her for years. It landed her in plenty of trouble, but nothing too serious until she reached her late teens. Truancy led her into plenty of serious charges (including property damage, forceful restraint and trespassing), most of which ended up being dropped due to her family's influential position.

Not wanting to be babied any longer and growing restless staying on her home planet, Kasxcy ended up signing up for the elcor military as soon as she had turned 20. The routine brought her some peace, but by the time a couple of years had passed she began to realize that her career choice wasn't exactly what she wanted. Prodded on by tales of asari, batarians, humans, and even turians far far away on alien worlds, she started searching for a way to escape Dekunna. That escape came in the form of a trade frigate piloted by volus, a once-in-an-elcor-lifetime opportunity. Kasxcy seized it, stowing away and using the money she had earned from her service years to pay off the transport staff.

From there, the elcor ship-hiked from port to port. She didn’t know exactly where she was going, and by the time her budget was expended she had landed herself in Omega. She made friends and contacts quickly given her experience in shooting and killing things in the Dekunna home world military and eventually scrounged up enough money to purchase firepower to take on a battalion of batarians.

Kasxcy is constantly looking for interesting work. It would seem as though the Geisha caught her attention at just the right moment in time.
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Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy)   Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy) EmptyTue May 17, 2016 7:56 pm

Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy) Goats+are+like+mushrooms

.boj edisni na saw 11/9

.braoba emoclew

Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy) CW93uqa
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Crystal's Elcor App (Kasxcy)
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