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 'The Cartographer'

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PostSubject: 'The Cartographer'   Mon May 16, 2016 7:00 pm

Born 38 years back on Kahje, Dretna was a very common young man, with a uncommon charisma. He always had a passion for talking, where others would be quiet. This is why he was never conscripted into a role of an assassin. Leading a life in the arts of communication, Dretna always found himself in a different place on Kahje, whether it be on a commute or just general traveling. He was never a home body and always pushed his curfew limit. Around the age of sixteen, Dretna was offered a job by his best friend "Sticks-head-in-sands" to work with him at a radio station on the rim of Kahje, being the upstanding and loudmouthed Drell he was he joined! About Two to three weeks as a desk manager(That was the special term for shithead secretary) Dretna got his voice heard, literally. As he left the mic on the boom stand active and was practicing a monologue he was doing... just to do it. Soon enough, people started phoning in about THE MYSTERY DRELL, and SPONGEY MCFISHGUY, and the name stuck as his radio alias.

Give or take the job fell through and "Sticks-head-in-sands" decided to stay back on Kahje, while Dretna caught a ride to the Attican Traverse, and saw space for the first time. His obsession came quick and strong with the extensiveness of the stars, and mystical sights of comets and asteroids. Dretna began studying THE day he left Kahje. Using his newly found crew members to solicit for transport, in which he would pay for in manual labor as a shipping crew. Dretna began exploring planets of all makes, mapping them out and learning ways to record them, he started with paper, then moved to datapads then to Omni-Tools and now... something bigger. Soon enough his friends came to calling him a Cartographer, Dretna felt an identity with this title, and it has stuck with him since.

In Dretna's finale chapters in approach to the new crew he assumes he'll be signed onto after a massive expansive of travels across the known systems, he finds a few artifact locations that may be worthy of investigating later on. The Drell knows his way around his ship, as he owns an entire personal ship for self-travel after an extensive amount of funds generated from his discoveries and markings on uninhabitable or uncharted planets. His constant droning and flight tactics with the subject aren't a bad thing to have as well. Dretna now awaits the introduction to the new crew he was mentioned to, and hopes to form more memories with this crew, hoping to be good ones.

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PostSubject: Re: 'The Cartographer'   Mon May 16, 2016 7:18 pm

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'The Cartographer'
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